Reviewed: Parfait Affinitas Danielle Longline and Shorts

2014-06-14 11.55.37

Ah, Danielle. I’ve had my eye on dear, sweet Danielle since I was a young girl (read: six months ago). And when Large Cup Lingerie came knocking on my proverbial door, they graciously supplied me with the beautiful set, and since then, I have been a new woman.

In case you didn’t read my last post, I’ve been fed up with the big-brand lingerie companies for producing the same things each season. I wanted change, and something new- and that wish has now been fulfilled. Danielle has the classic pin-up vibe crossed with the undergarments of a 40s  movie star. It goes with pearls, champagne out of a flute glass, and vintage tight-pinned curls. In other words, this bra is just what I’ve been looking for.


Fortunately Large Cup had this bra in my size (but even if they hadn’t, it wouldn’t have been an issue because they can specially order a size for you upon request). They did that with my Fraulein Annie, and I received it not two weeks later (which is amazing considering shipping is free worldwide). And I feel the need to emphasize that even though this set was a generous gift, all opinions are hereby my own and expressed in my own words and yadda yadda. You know the speech.

Let’s cover the basics: Danielle scored major points with me right off the bat for having buttons instead of bows. I love kitschy touches like buttons, and these satin-wrapped little charmers made the cockles of my heart tingle with glee. There are little seams (the names of which escape me) going down the cups, and pretty, elegant lace covering the top. The bra is incredibly soft, and really, REALLY nice to look at.

2014-06-14 11.58.52

Besides visuals, if I had to describe Danielle in one word, it would be “sturdy”. The boning on the sides of the longline are a lot stiffer than Freya’s little double-seam thing. This bra is a lot more like a short corset, or a true longline than anything I’ve tried thus far. The wires are also really stiff, and the bra is a slight sternum-stabber (the dreaded SS), so I bent the wires out just a bit. The wires are also delightfully narrow, and are about as narrow as underwires get besides Polish brands.

The cups are really projected, have a high apex, and point slightly east-west. A note to make about the cups is that I found them to run about a cup size large. I can fit into an F/FF these days (if it’s a really, really teeny FF), and I ordered a 30DD and even then, it’s slightly too big on my smaller boob. I do wish the straps were a bit thicker, as they are on the back side, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

My nipples are here, note the seam difference
My nipples are here, note the seam difference

The shape is projected and slightly pointed, and looks FAB under clothing. From the front the east/west thing is slightly noticeable, so it’s not advisable to wear this with a plain t-shirt or something tight-fitting. Danielle extends lower down than the Freya longlines, as you can see in the photo.


To be honest, I wasn’t expecting this bra to be comfortable. None of the above (stiff boning, sturdy underwires) sounds comfortable, but strangely enough it is. After a brief break-in period, the bra feels just like any of my other Freya longlines. It’s probably not the bra you want to grab when you’re going to be lounging on the couch at your boyfriend’s or eating your weight in food (come on now, we all have those days), but it’s intensely comfortable without the slouch.

The shorts were pretty spacious on me, but being a generally small person, that’s something I’m used to. I can’t wear Freya briefs because they’re too big, and Cleo 8s fit me pretty well, for reference.

2014-06-14 11.54.11

Stay away from this one if you’re shallow, but for all the ladies looking for a comfortable, gorgeous longline for projected boobs and narrow roots, eat your hearts out- you’ve found it *throws confetti*.

Thank you again to LCL for gracing my presence with this amazing set, and until next time-

Stay golden, pony-readers.


P.S. other photos from the shoot!

2014-06-14 11.56.21
Definitely more like a 28 than a 30


13 thoughts on “Reviewed: Parfait Affinitas Danielle Longline and Shorts

  1. How does the longline feel to you? I would love to get a longline but I’m just afraid that it would be to tight on me. I normally wear a 30F in the Parfait Charlotte.

    1. I find longlines to be slightly tighter than regular bras solely because of the thicker band. I’d order both a 30F and a 32E if possible, but if not, I’d go for a 32E. The unstretched band is 23 inches and the stretched one is 28.5 inches. I wear a 26 band and find it okay on the third set of hooks, so that’s saying something. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions 😀

      1. I have a dumb question so I hope you will please bare with me. How do you fasten it? I normally hook my bras in the front and then turn it around to pull the straps up. Is that out of the question with this?

        1. LOL, not a dumb question at all! When I got my first longline, the Freya Piper, it took me ages to figure out how to hook it up. I think you should be able to do it up from in front of you and then turn it around, it’s not so structured that that wouldn’t work. I’ve gotten the hang of hooking it up from behind with relative efficiency, though- takes some practice, but I got it eventually.

          1. Would the Danielle be the best longline to try or should I try a different one? I also am a 26 band. Thanks for all of your help so far!!

          2. NO problem, that’s what I’m here for 🙂 Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. This is definitely my favorite longline. If you want something that’ll give you a lot of support and comfort but is structured and has the snuggest band of all the long lines I’ve tried, Danielle is for you. If you want something that’s a lot less structured and is better when you’re going to be curled up or need to be wearing it for a really long time and don’t mind the band being kind of loose, go for Freya. Personally, I think the Danielle is the best option for 26 bands and is superior in quality and support to Freya or the Curvy Kate Carmen.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try this set, it is so beautiful, and if the band is tight enough, it could probably fit me. 🙂
    If you don’t have a Bratabase account, you should definitely create one and add the measurements and review over there! Then the rest of us in that size range can benefit from knowing how it will fit in comparison to other bras in that size range. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reminding me- I do have a bratabase account, and these measurements will be going up today! 😀 The band is definitely more snug or at the very least, equally snug to the Parfait Charlotte, or the Cleo Melissa/Ellis/Marcie, if that’s any help.

    1. I’ve had no success at all with Freya longlines because my ribs project and the fabric scrunches instead of lying flat; your mention of stiff boning sounds promising. I also don’t deal well with wide wires but this compared favourably to my best fitting EM with only about a centimeter of diffence in cup width, so that part of your review was helpful – without that note I would never have even considered looking it up on Bratabase and would have just written it off as not for me. I’d also have to size up in the band because otherwise I’m sized out (grrr), but I think that should be okay since there are so many hooks to make it sturdy and also under my underbust I’m larger anyway.

      But one thing you mentioned which made me wonder was “the bra feels just like any of my other Freya longlines” after some time. By this do you mean it is equally comfortable (not that I’ve found any comfort in Freya, with their wide, soft wires) or that the boning becomes less functional after a few times? Aside from that one detail, it sounds like the one longline that might finally work for me, after so much frustration with Freya and Curvy Kate.

      1. Hey there! Yeah, I meant comfort-wise. The boning really isn’t noticeable and doesn’t feel stiff, but it offers a lot of support and structure. I have found that the Freya longlines bunch up as well, but this one stays put because of the boning. Good luck and I hope this works out for you xx

  3. Hey! I’m super super interested in this set because it’s painfully adorable, but am curious as to what size you’d suggest as I’ve never bought a “correctly” sized bra before. I have a 28″ under bust and 36″ bust, but as this runs small, I’m not entirely sure what would be the best size to get. Thanks! =)

    1. Hi there! I’d try both a 30 and a 32 if possible. However, this 30 stretches to just under 28 inches, so you might find it uncomfortable. I’d say your starting point size would be a 30E, and then go up one band size and down one cup size to a 32DD, and then if you can, order a 30F to see if you prefer the tighter band/bigger cups and then just return what doesn’t fit. I hope that helps =)

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