Reviewed: Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Goosberry


Have you ever sat poolside with a fruity drink with a lemon wedged on the side? Have you ever wondered what the lingerie version of all that would be? Well, my readers, I’ve found it. I snagged this bra on sale at Figleaves alon with the Mimi Apple Tart bra, but unfortunately had to return it.

The bra has cotton-lined, padded cups with cerulean blue lace overlay that my sister described as “creepy”- I suppose Mimi’s signature lace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The band is fairly loose in the 28F that I got it in, and quite stretchy. Like all other Mimi styles, it only has one row and four columns of hooks.

Stretchy stretchy

The biggest problem with this bra by far was the band. It was stretchy and unsupportive, and the fact that it felt like a string across my back certainly didn’t help- seriously Mimi, get more hooks!

The cups were standard Mimi Holliday padded styles, being wide and shallow with fairly thick padding. The wires are quite wide as well, which really didn’t help me as I have very narrow roots. This bra ha no immedate projection, so I found that the underwires did not sit right at the root of my boob, and rather sat on them.


My relatively projected boobs pushed the bra away from me, as you can see in the photo below- note the shadow by the spooky floating gore- that’s exactly how a bra is not supposed to fit. I think sizing up would just mean the cups get wider, so I refrained from doing so as that wouldn’t have helped me.


Another thing to note about this bra is that the hooks, when done up, look like they’re really straining. It does’t affect fit, but I thought it was interesting enough to mention.


This bra isn’t the worst bra I’ve tried. It’s far from it, really, but I’ve reached a point in my lingerie career that if I don’t absolutely love something, I’ll return it or sell it. I didn’t feel like I was getting the support or comfort I look for in a bra, so this baby had to go back, no matter how enticing that gorgeous shade of blue is. If you’re shallow or find Mimi bras fit you, go for this one- you won’t be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Reviewed: Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou Goosberry

  1. I’m sorry this did not work out for you! It does look really nice from the front and it’s the first time I’ve seen one of the new padded shoulder bras in action. I am still aching for the Dotty Nuit version, the navy blue with spots, but they sold out of my size (30FF) a lonnng time ago and I can’t find it anywhere πŸ™
    Have you found your other Mimis loose in the band or just this one? I just ordered from their sale but had to get 32Fs instead of a 30FF so I hope they aren’t loose like this one! I’ve put on a bit of weight recently though, so consequently most new 30s are too tight for me now, but I hate getting a bra that is outright too loose from the get go. I would never end up wearing it despite how nice it may be.
    I recently emailed MH about the fit of their newer offerings and mentioned the fact that MANY people would greatly appreciate an extra row of hooks in the back. I did get a reply, but their advice was simply to try one of their Maxi bras if I wanted more support 😐 Unfortunately for me the ‘maxi’ bras aren’t compatible with my shape; they’re too deep and make my boobs look pointy. In my email I said I believed an extra row of hooks in the larger cup sizes would offer more ‘support and stability’ and that they really wouldn’t need to make the band thicker as it’s already wide enough to fit an extra row of hooks. Thus they wouldn’t need to compromise on the aesthetics. I also feel like it puts more strain on the lonesome hook even if the band isn’t that tight on you! I never wore my Mimis on the tightest hook even if I needed to because the look at the back was odd and I was afraid of stretching the band out of shape.
    I think everyone who wishes for an extra row should email them about it, maybe then they’ll consider it!

    1. Dotty Nuit is gorgeous! There are so many Mimi bras on sale that i want right now, it’s ridiculous. I’ve found Mimi bras to be up in the air when it comes to band sizes. The Apple Tart collection has a snug band, this one was loose, and the Mimi Baby cakes that I just reviewed was nice and firm. I would absolutely love more hooks, I’ve been thinking about emailing them, too. I can’t fit into their maxi bras, which sucks for me πŸ˜› I’m definitely going to let them know what I think about the single row of hooks, because THAT sucks even more!

      1. Oh, I know! I love when their sale comes around, I always order something (or too much!). This time I ordered a bra on behalf of a friend, one for another as a belated birthday present, and two sets for myself. I was really tempted to wait until they got to 50% off but I didn’t want to risk my size(s) going out of stock; I’ve been TOO patient up until now to miss out. I’ve already got my next bag lined up in case the others I wanted get to 50-60% off :/ Bit greedy!
        I can’t wait until Apple Tart goes on sale, green lingerie is my weakness. Green anything, really!
        Yes, exactly; not everyone that wants more support/extra hooks can fit into the maxi bras! OR even wants to, I always prefer their other cuts. For a while most of them didn’t come in a 30FF anyway, so I bought a few 30Gs from (quite cheap) that I can’t wear. I’m just keeping them because I might be able to wear them when/after I get pregnant, which will likely not happen any time soon, haha. They’re just too cute to give up.
        I feel like I have so many Mimis that I should really start writing reviews for them all somewhere.

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