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Know Thy Boobs

Breast cancer is one of the number one killers of women in developed countries. Like other cancers, there is no cure – only treatment, and it’s only at its most effective when it’s detected early. The good news is, you can help yourself improve your chances of staying breast cancer free, by knowing your boobs. In this case, knowing your breasts can save your life. I am encouraging every woman (and man!) to familiarize themselves with their breasts. Know how they feel at different times of the month, learn the difference between normal changes and irregularities, and learn your risk factors, as well as how to reduce them. The reality is, most breast cancer cases are detected by the women who have them. Mammograms, while still very important, detect only twenty percent of breast cancers. The more you know your breasts, the greater your chances are of detecting something that is irregular. Breast cancer can affect women and men of almost all ages, and it is important to be able to examine yourself. And remember; if there is a new change in your breasts, or if you feel anything –absolutely anything – that doesn’t seem right to you, call your doctor immediately. Educate your loved ones about breast cancer and individual risk factors. If we educate enough people, we can greatly reduce the number of people who lose their battle with breast cancer each year – and I think I’m speaking for a lot of people when I say that that sounds pretty incredible.

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