Sewing Tutorials


How to Make Your Bra Cups Smaller

Dealing With Loose Upper-Sections 1, How to Make a Plunge into a Balconnet 

Customizing Underwires and Making Shallow Bras Projected (and Vice Versa)



Band Tightening 1 (Folding just past the strap)

Band Tightening 2 (Folding at the Boning)

A Collection of Bra Tightening Methods

2 thoughts on “Sewing Tutorials

    1. Hi Sue! I don’t think that’s possible- you’d need an extender to make the band bigger, but band extenders are usually only good for one to two band sizes max. A 40DD isn’t a sister size of a 46D- some sister sizes of 40DD are 42D, 44C, and 46B. So you’d have to make the cup size bigger to get to a 46D, but that’s not really possible. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

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